11. OCTOBER 2017


Our J litter arrived!

We have 5 males and 4 females.

Hodor Antu Makto x Talca del Cavdillo

01. October 2017. Slovakia


Epeiros Cup

Aymore Antu Makto - CAC, Best female, BOB, BIS 3.
Judge: Gran Togo Fernando M. Centurión

Arion Antu Makto - exc.3 in open class
owner: Gábor
Judge: Mario Pinelli

Hannibal Antu Makto, Res.Junior Clubwinner, exc.2.
owner: Szádoczki Éva & Dénes Zoltán
Judge: Mario Pinelli

9. September 2017


MMTE Clubshow

Hodor Antu Makto - exc.1, HPJ, Youth Clubchampion male
Hilda Antu Makto - exc.1, HPJ, Yotuh Clubchampion female
Aymore Antu Makto - exc.1, CAC open class, Club Champion female, BOB!

Judge: Siklósi Béla (HU)


2. September 2017


SDAK Clubshow "Tatjana Orlovic Memorial"

HODOR Antu Makto (12 months old) - exc.4. in youth class
EL JEFE Espiritu Greco Antu Makto (co-owned with Pisti Lente) - Exc.2, RCAC in open class
Aymore Antu Makto - exc.1, CAC in open class, Best female, BOB, Best head, Best type

Judge: Dr. Eduardo Toro Lavado, de los Medanos kennel (ARG)


10 & 11 JUNE 2017. Smederevo - Serbia


SADAK & Balkan Winner Show

We had a long but beautiful weekend in SADAK Clubshow weekend. We had great time with friends, beer and dogos :)
Our results:

10/06/2017 SADAK Clubshow
Hodor Antu Makto - youth class males exc., selected in best 8 - just 9 months old
Hannibal Antu Makto - very good with great presentation on his first show (owner: Szádoczki Éva) - just 9 months old
El Jefe Espiritu Greco Antu Makto - exc. in open class, selected to best movement(co-owner: Pisti Lente)
Babarka Antu Makto - open class (owner: Csaba Márton)
Aymore Antu Makto - exc.2, RCAC in open class

11/06/2017 Balkan Winner Show
Hodor Antu Makto - youth class males exc.4 !!!- just 9 months old
Hannibal Antu Makto - excellent in youth (owner: Szádoczki Éva)- just 9 months old
Aymore Antu Makto - exc.1, CAC in open class, Best Female, Best of Breed, Best Movement, Best head.

Judges were Jorge Alberto Funes and Ulises D'Andrea Nores both days.


03 May 2017


2 young males for sale

CLICK HERE for more info

01. MAY 2017


Hodor Antu Makto - Grand Prix Cacib Budapest

very promising 1.

20 September 2016


Slovakian Clubshow

SKJCH Fausto won CAC, Clubwinner male, BOS
Congratulations Iza, White Hunter kennel!

19. May 2016


Fusta EG AM

Hip, elbow dysplasia free, with healthy spine

Congrats to owner Vasilis!

01. FEBRUARY 2016


Fausto won Best Junior and BOB only 11 months old!

Congratulations to owner, Iza Sledz (White Hunter kennel, Poland)

11. OCTOBER 2015



Fusta Espiritu Greco Antu Makto - 1st place puppy class

owner: Vasilis Giamias

20th February, 2015


F-litter is born!

After long time in our kennel new litter is born from our argentinian import male, Mapuche del Entrevero.
The mother of litter is Buena Antu Makto, daughter of Mundial Winner Camalote II del Litoral x Cazador Criollo Bonita.

More infos coming soon!

14th February, 2015


New import in our kennel!

Talca del Cavdillo
Parents: Chamahuac Mapu Kewa x Dolce Vita del Cavdillo
Thank you Petra, del Cavdillo kennel for your trust!

9th February, 2015


Calabria Espiritu Greco Antu Makto HD-A, ED-0
Our Congratulations to Romy and Stephane, del Sueno Latino kennel.

19th January, 2015


Dona Bellarita Espiritu Greco Antu Makto became Greek Junior Champion!
Congratulations to Giannis and Ioanna!

18th January, 2015


Don Vasco Espiritu Greco Antu Makto won excellent 1., Best Youth on CACIB Bordeaux, France!
Our congratulations to Vincent and Delphine, La Casa del Diablo kennel!

19th January, 2015


BAER testing

All E-litter full hearing!
All our litter, the 4 males and 2 females are officially BAER +/+

23rd November, 2014


E-litter is born!

Parents: Pirata de Dona Arcelia x Cazador Criollo Bonita
4 males, 2 females

18th May, 2014


Trofeo Mundial 2014 Serbia AMDA

Espiritu Greco Brillo Criollo Youth AMDA Mundial Winner!
1st place youth Class males, Best Junior, Youth Mundial Winner

6th March, 2014.


D-litter is born!

Parents: Edo Divino Blanco x Aymore Antu Makto
2 males, 3 females

22nd January, 2014.


BAER testing

Amnesia del Peleador – BAER test +/+

10th October, 2013


New import

Amnesia del Peleador
Parents: Gringo del Picadero x Chiara del Picadero
Thank you Federico, del Peleador kennel for your trust!

26th September, 2013


C-litter is born!

Parents: Hu Verdes Pampas x Cazador Criollo Bonita
4 males, 4 females

7th August, 2013


BAER testing

It’s a beautiful day for us, Espiritu Greco Brillo Criollo BAER +/+